“Revolution! Revolution!!” young people groups cry. Human rights’ activists scream ‘Let’s move forward’. Corporate organisations root for ‘massive change’. It is amazing to note that the level of awareness among the populace of Nigeria is on the increase. We realise there is the need for change -the need for a revolution.
But what change do we pray for? what kind of revolution do we seek? Is it the kind that is currently sweeping through Syria, Egypt and a few other Arab nations? One that leaves blood, sweat and tears in its wake?

My answer is an emphatic ‘NO’; and I’m sure I speak for the millions of Nigerians residing within the walls of this nation and for the ever-increasing number scattered across the globe. Yes! We need Change! Yes! We want our nation to take giant strides instead of the ‘ant-steps’ she is currently taking. However, the revolution we desire is one of the mind. I call it a #MindRevolution -a revolution of intellectuals.

It is time our Universities and other institutions of higher learning begin to focus on building the mind of its students rather than equipping ’empty heads’ with high sounding degrees. It’s high time we do away with courses that have very little or no relevance to the scheme of things in our nation. It’s time we wake up to the realities of life obtainable in Nigeria rather than continue to dwell on impracticable theories. It’s time our professors and other academics focus on research -of course with the government providing the basics -an enabling environment and the funds to go with.

However, even if the government turns a blind eye to its responsibilities, corporate organisations like the telecommunications giants MTN and GLO -and others who are raking in trillions of Naira on a daily basis -should compete not only when it comes to getting more subscribers but also in the number and quality of research they fund. Banks are not left out. They should revisit and tune down the conditions attached to the provision of loans to Small and Medium scale Enterprises. Thereby, encouraging young entrepreneurs.

Finally, to the army of young people resident in Nigeria, it is time to develop your most valuable asset -Your Mind. Develop and make full use of your mind. Make your education a priority -whether formal or informal. The fact that you could not go to or complete school does not automatically make you a dunce or a tout. You have a brain -you have a mind that is capable of thinking and creating the impossible. To those who had the opportunity to complete school, the degree on that sheet of paper isn’t a decoration. It does not matter the quality of the degree, what should spur you is the opportunity you had to have learnt a thing or two. Now use it! Young men and women, Think Positively. Think Progressively. Think Creatively. Think Solutions. Improve on the quality of thoughts generated by your mind. Use the social media as a tool for radical change. Read about, Write about, Talk about and Initiate Change.

Let’s put to work the positive and dynamic force of the mind.

Let the Revolution begin.

Mykael Mykael
Zoe Consults INC

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