Awake Nigeria,Awake!

As I lay on my bed with my mobile device in hand, I observe SMSs, BBM display pictures, Facebook updates and tweets -and they all have one theme: Nigeria is a year older! “Happy Independence Anniversary,Nigeria!”. But as our dear nation becomes 54, a question suffices :” is there anything ‘really’ worth celebrating? There ‘really’ is a long,endless list of things that aren’t working in our country. The Educational system is a mess. Health Care is in shambles,and the mortality rate is way too high. It’s the 21st Century where man literally ‘lives’ in space, yet Nigerians still grapple with the challenge of electricity(I actually made use of a rechargeable lamp to put together this piece *smh*). The masses are poverty-stricken and the cost of living keeps sky-rocketting. Corruption seems to be a norm…and let’s try not to add ‘boko haram’ to the list. The nation is in a disjointed,sorry state. As such,the question arises again: “is there anything ‘really’ worth celebrating?”.I dare to provide an emphatic ‘YES’!

Every nation has its peculiar challenges; and ours is no different. Nigeria is and will always be the Giant of Africa. This is home to the largest population of blacks on planet earth. Fact! The home of intellectuals and Nobel Laureate-stuff! Fact! The mother land of African renaissance! #Ourbloodisgreen! Looking back, we’ve come a mighty,long way. Looking forward, a bright future awaits! As we celebrate, here’s a word for the nation.

To the Leaders: Nigerians deserve a new lease of life! Create for us a system that works. Respect and have dignity for the youth. We need visionary leadership to take us to the Promised Land. Don’t ask us to sacrifice more when scars of previous sacrifices are yet to heal. Reform the education sector. As long as education remains under-funded, the woes will continue. For education enlightens a man’s spirit. Provide us with constant, uninterrupted power supply so Small and Medium Enterprises can develop. Cut the cost of governance. Increase the dividends of democracy to the governed. Let them be your focus. After all, they voted you into office. Give us a better reason to celebrate the Centenary next year other than just the rhetoric of Patriotism. Let not the labour of our heroes both past and present not be in vain! Lead, truly lead and we will follow.

To Nigerians…..especially the Youth: it is Not enough to fight and clamour for your so-called ‘rights’. Placards, guns and violence will only make things worse. There must be a shift in the frontiers of our revolution. It should be a revolution not with arms but a revolution with the intellect. A #MindRevolution! (Lend your voice to the discourse on twitter : @st_mykael with #MindRevolution). It is time to dream. It’s time to see with the eyes of the heart the Change we so desire. While it is obvious that the present ruling class cannot offer this Change, it is also clear that it rests in our hands. Fellow youths, it is time to dream. It is time to have a vision and a hope! It is time to run and soar with that vision. Refuse to be dormant! Don’t lie fallow! Break the status quo. Reach for new opportunities! See possibility! In the words of the great Indian Leader, Mahatma Gandhi, it is time to “…BE THE CHANGE…!”


Mykael Mykael
CEO/Chief Consultant
Zoe Consults

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