“CAUTION: Once you feel pain, faint or dizzy, stop immediately”
Those are the words attached to the top of an exercise machine in one of the fitness centres I visit often in Lagos mainland. Intimidating right? Obviously! These words gently challenge my decision to get in better shape each time I step onto the machine for any sweat-breaking session. Often, right in the middle of my work-out,the word ‘STOP’ jumps out and screams at me; and I’m forced to decide if the change I so desire to see in my physical appearance is worth the present pain. Some days,it’s quite tempting to quit ti say the least but I know if I must achieve my set goal,then I must keep working at it.

My experience at the fitness centre is very much the story of everyone who wants to make positive changes in his personal,business,professional or family life. The desire to have nations,businesses,churches and families achieve new levels of excellence does exist. Change is beautiful. Change is inevitable. But the truth is that Change can also be difficult,even painful. However, individuals around the world must recognise that it is time to begin sustaining change or risk serious consequences.

Change is occurring everywhere in our world. Changes in political engineering,business,church ministries and government agencies take place with each passing day leading to new frontiers of excellence. However, as this unprecedented wave of Change continues,most people,businesses,and nations are simply being swept along in its wake. Their destinies are decided by the choices and decisions of others. Many try unproductive strategies when confronted by Change. Some try to ignore it;others try to avoid it;still others try to resist it or even sabotage it.

Fortunately,a unique group of young,Change-minded and Change-driven individuals is emerging. They come with the courage and wisdom not only to sustain Change,but also to initiate sustainable Change. These are the leaders that devise new strategies that actually work – strategies that enable churches,businesses,organisations,families and nations to prosper. While others are formal leaders who crave for exotic titles and political power;some others are rising from the grass roots – leaders who truly want to serve their nation. The future is being shaped by these Change agents who arise to challenge the status quo as it exists around them. They are armed with compelling vision, verbal eloquence, magnetic charisma, rock-solid character and faith in a better way. These new leaders have burnt their bridges behind them and are ready to give from the deposits in their hearts. They will serve. They will lead. They have the uncommon boldness to take on today’s challenges and provide solutions to today’s issues. They will not wait for the future to come wrapped in ‘tomorrow’ because these ones know that the future is here ‘today’.
<Mykael Mykael
<CEO/Chief Consultant
Zoe Consults

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